Hiking and biking the trails of Cabo Pulmo

By July 5, 2012 June 27th, 2013 Cabo Pulmo

The locals in Cabo Pulmo have made some great hiking and biking trails.These trails can be steep and hard with a name like “nasty’s,” or easy with the name “bench trail,” which is one of my favorites. It takes about 40 min and there is a great ocean view at the top. Today I opted for the trail that takes you to cave mountain. The Pericu Indians that lived here many years ago used to bury there dead and then dig them up again paint the bones red, wrap them in deer skins, and put them in the caves of the mountain. I didn’t see any bones on my hike but did see some deer, right in front of my casa. enjoy the photos………Cremin

Here’s a great surprise in the front yard

view from cave mountain

one of the signs about the native people in the area

trail sign