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By June 27, 2012 July 8th, 2013 Cabo Pulmo

So, this Friday I am going to pick up my new puppy to take back to my casa here in  Cabo Pulmo.  I don’t have a name for her yet…any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!  I have some big plans for this dog.  As soon as she understands what that big blue ocean thing is all about, she is going to start learning the ropes on a stand up paddle board.  That might be a couple months down the road, of course.  OK and now for a weather report. Light wind from the south,air temp 85 deg, water temp is about 67.

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  • Roger Hogan says:

    Cremins Casas – Hilltop House
    January 19 – February 2, 2014

    The days start early in Cabo Pulmo. At least 30 minutes prior to the first hints of dawn, a rooster will start crowing in the village. First one and then a multitude of others will take up the cry of welcoming another day. This early rise is typically not a problem. Being in an area with no piped in electricity has it’s benefits, most notably, with the sunset, so sets the day’s activities, and with that, one is blessed with an early night with the calming breezes floating over the village from the Sea of Cortez. Hilltop House offers an excellent vantage point for watching the red sun climb over the sea and in a very few minutes the sun is high enough to confirm yet another wonderful day is ahead of us. Hilltop House, which overlooks the village also provides an excellent opportunity for watching the whales as they frolic in the sea beyond the reef.

    Taking a fresh made cup of coffee onto the patio, we are now bombarded with a host of colourful birds including the beautiful scarlet Cardinal. Various types of hummingbirds are busy extracting the sweet nectar from the near-by feeder while other birds including many species of woodpeckers attempt to scavenge breakfast from the cactus and other natural plants that lie just off the patio. About this same time, Cremin’s “pet” Cactus Wren, will typically show up for his morning offering of crushed nuts or seeds. This wren which we affectionately called, “Charlie” has learned that such offerings are readily available from Cremin’s hand, and more recently, an outstretched hand from either Jude or myself. Although neither Jude nor I can take any credit for Charlie’s faith in his human providers, we do welcome it, and consider this as one of the many benefits of visiting this environmental refuge.

    Following breakfast, the day’s events will probably include some snorkeling off one of the many beaches that lie both north and south of Cabo Pulmo, scuba diving off the coral reef that completely harbours this small village, walks through the village, or scenic treks along the hiking trails in the mountains that provide the back drop to the village. Whether snorkeling or diving, one will see hundreds of fish of varying shapes, sizes and colours and in wide ranges of numbers. It is certainly not unusual to be able to snorkel amongst schools of fish so numerous in number that the water is quite literally alive. A number of local providers will take you to the far side of the reef where you can dive in about 50 feet of water and get really close-up to the host of fish that make this reef their sanctuary. Kayaks are available for hire and on a calm day one can readily travel south of the village where you can witness the daily life of members of the local sea lion colony. Feeding on the numerous fish, basking on the rocks smoothened by the sea or loudly expressing their dissatisfaction at being disturbed by humans, however appears to be the extent of their activities.

    Hiking to the top of the surrounding mountains provides one with magnificent vistas of the sea, shorelines and beaches and the mountain range that lies all around this small village. Cabo Pulmo, however is not for everyone. Cabo Pulmo is situated about 1.5 hours north of San Jose Del Cabo or 2 hours south of La Paz. Final road access to the village includes travel over 10 kilometers of rough dirt road that winds it’s way through the cactus ridden desert. Once there however, you will find yourself within the confines of a national marine reserve that recognizes and protects this natural setting and all that it encompasses. Although the village hosts 5 small restaurants providing an excellent range of local cuisine, you will not find the classy nightclubs or the broader range of activities typical of larger centres and tourist resorts. If however, you wish to immerse yourself into a simpler life style, enjoy nature, and get to know some of the local people, Cabo Pulmo should not be a disappointment. Cremin’s hospitality and local knowledge together with his sidekick Lobita, being a truly remarkable young Shepherd mix, will ensure your stay in Mexico is memorable. Thanks Cremin. It has been an experience.

    Jude and Roger Hogan
    Enterprise, Ontario, Canada

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